The aim of the SENSWELL project is to understand the role of food satisfaction on food intake and how sensory properties of foods may be utilised to influence food intake.


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The project will investigate how the fullness of the multisensory experience of foods, also referred to as sensory complexity, can be utilised to impact on the perceived satisfaction and influence food intake both during consumption and in-between consumption intervals.


The project objectives are:

• To study sensory food satisfaction and intake in relation to food composition and the eating situation

• To develop new methods for measuring sensory satisfaction with food 

• To study role of product composition on food satisfaction focusing on the multisensory effects of texture, flavour and nutrient-density

• To study satisfaction with meals and food intake in realistic eating situations

• To estimate environmental and economic impact for food categories where lower consumption may be achieved.


To fulfil the aim, the SENSWELL project will be divided into four focus areas:

• Diet level: Sustainability assessment and economic impact

• Meal level: Sensory and attitudinal factors in meal satisfaction

• Product level: Product compositional and multi-sensory factors in food satiation capacity

• Person level: Sensory and physiological factors in food satisfaction

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