WP4: Sensory and attitudinal factors in meal satisfaction
(WP leader: Liisa Lähteenmäki, AU-MAPP)

Participants: Sub1.Iceland; Sub2.Queens; Sub3.Sussex; Food industry companies


Satisfaction with meals depends on many factors including our sensory expectations and experiences.  To improve our understanding of the role of sensory factors in relation to other factors, such as situational, nutritional and personal factors, in WP4 the meal satisfaction is studied in consumers’ everyday meal practices and experiences.


To find out more about consumers’ meal experiences both qualitative and quantitative methods will be applied in three separate tasks planned for the study.  Consumers’ perceptions of meals and portion sizes will be studied both in connection to actual meal choices, but also by survey methods. 


The work package aims at better understanding of factors that we believe to guide our meal choices (or choices within meals) and of those factors that contribute to the perceived satisfaction with meals.  The basic assumption is that higher and longer-lasting satisfaction with meals provides better well-being to consumers.  In practical terms this could mean a longer delay before next eating occasion occurs or a lower need for snacking between the meals, thus contributing to a better weight management through positive sensory experiences.

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