WP5: Sustainability assessment and economic impact
(WP leader: Jørgen Dejgaard Jensen, UCPH-IFRO)

Participants: Food industry companies


The objective of WP5 is to investigate the environmental and economic sustainability of dietary patterns with a higher content of foods with high satiation and satiety capacity. Key outcomes of the work package include assessments of modified dietary patterns’ impacts on the environment and on consumers’ economic food expenditure.


In the work package a number of ‘diet scenarios’ are developed. The scenarios reflect different changes in dietary behavior in terms of replacement of products from the current diet. These ‘diet scenarios’ form the basis for the environmental and economic assessments.


Consequences of a wide-scale implementation of the ‘diet scenarios’ on a number of environmental indicators (e.g. greenhouse gas emissions, land use) are evaluated using methods from lifecycle analysis.


Economic impacts of dietary changes according to the ‘diet scenarios’ are estimated for different groups of consumers, based on price information estimated on the basis of market data from retail stores, supplemented with cost-based market price estimates for novel products.

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